WASME SME Excellence Awards 2017

WASME SME Excellence Awards aims to acknowledge Performers of the SME sector both nationally and internationally and reward their contribution to the economy. The SME Award recognizes successful entrepreneurs for outstanding achievements of SMEs in the fields of Manufacturing, Services, Innovations, Marketing Strategy, Finance, Agro & Food Processing, IT and IT Enabled Services, International Trade, Telecommunication, Research, Technology Development and other sectors.

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Section I: Introduction




Outside India


please choose from below list(one can choose multipal options)

Agriculture & Farming EquipmentFood and Agro productMetal and Metal productAuto ComponentsGems & JewelleryPharmaceuticalsChemicals and PetrochemicalsHealthcarePlastic,Plastic Goods and Plastic ProcessingConstruction & Building MaterialsHospitalityPrinting & PublishingEducational InstitutionsIT & ITESTextiles (Incl. Ready-Made Garments)Electronic Goods and ComponentsLifestyle productsOthers (please specify)Engineering Goods(Incl.Machinery & InstrumentsLogistics

Section II: About your company (200 words each box)

Tell us about the history of the company, milestones it has
achieved, future plans

Tell us about the product or service you are offering, customer
problem you are trying to solve and value proposition

Tell us about the differentiating factor of your company and
offering (product/service)

Tell us how company has grown in last 3 years and plans for next
3 years? Along with a rationale (top 3 reasons and risksassociated)

Section III: Business performance indicators (Indian – INR & International – US Dollar)

S. No. Measure 2016- 2017 2015- 2016 2014- 2015 2013- 2014 2012- 2013
1 Revenue
3 Return on Capital Employed (RoCE)
4 Export
5 Net Worth
6 Value of Plant & Machinery (in

case of manufacturing) or

Equipment (in case of service)
7 Number of customers
8 Number of employees (covering all types –

permanent, contractual, temporary, etc.)

Section IV: Tell us why do you think your company deserves WASME SME Excellence Award (in 300 words)


Section IV: Declaration

“The information provided herein is true and complete to the best of our knowledge. Some of the information provided in the document could be sensitive and shall remain confidential unless we agree to its release. We understand that misrepresentation / falsification of this information could lead to disqualification of our organization from the WASME SME Excellence Award Program at any stage. We understand that the information provided in this document will be used by the organizers and the jury in deciding the awards and we consent to the use of this information for such a purpose. We further agree that this information may be used for further research, educational or any other purpose as long as the company details are not divulged to any person other than the organizers.If we are shortlisted for the next stage of the award program, we hereby authorize the use of, in connection with the WASME SME Excellence Award Program, our company’s name, and non-financial information. We agree that no compensation shall be due to for such usage.”

Eligibility Criteria
1. Company must be registered on or before 1 st April 2014 as a profit making entity
as per local govt. rules & regulations.
2. Company must have positive EBITDA and revenue for last 3 years.
3. The company must not be blacklisted by any government agency or international
4. The company must not have any negative media coverage or any other
controversy associated with it.
5. The company should have registration documents, audited financial reports, tax
certificates and other relevant compliance related documents as per defined law.
6. Only manufacturing or service providing companies are eligible to apply.

1. All information sent by the company is subject to verification available in public
domain. The company agrees to furnish the facts as requested from time to time.
2. The company will allow site visit as part of due diligence.
3. Receipt of the filled form shall be taken as a token of acceptance of the terms and
4. Incomplete forms will not be considered for evaluation.
5. Only key personnel of the organization should fill this and attest the form in their
6. The judges’ decision shall be final and binding on all participants.