WASME is one of the most representative, effective and leading international non-governmental organizations engaged in the promotion of MSME’s worldwide. WASME works closely with MSME experts in different parts of the world and also enjoys consultative/observer status with concerned agencies in the UN system such as UNCTAD, ITC, WIPO, UNIDO, UNESCO, UNCITRAL, UNESCAP and ILO and several other inter-governmental and international organizations.

Since its inception in 1980, as the global voice of SME’s. WASME has been actively engaging in creating the Development agendas for SME’s, advocating for their greater recognition and enabling them to effectively contribute to the economic prosperity and social well-being of their respective country.

WASME has been contributing significantly both at policy and operational levels and is instrumental in bringing about major SME policy changes in both developing and developed countries. It has greatly influenced favorable conclusions and recommendations of various agencies in the UNited Nations System.

Through multi-dimensional activities like Policy Advocacy, Information Dissemination, National and International Conferences & Seminars, Events & Trainings Publication & Research, Network Linkages etc. We assist in creating best integrated, innovative and sustainable working frameworks for SME’s in all industry sectors.

Our monthly Newsletter “World SME News” featuring developments in MSME sector around the world and fortnightly “SME e-Bulletin” are the special purpose vehicles for information dissemination that empower SME’s with right knowledge and experience. With our members, permanent representatives, senior advisors, associates and SME Experts in different countries worldwide, we are unceasingly strengthening international cooperation, building linkages  with government bodies, SME associations, Chamber of Commerce, Institutions of different countries to enable sound macroeconomic policies, capability of stakeholders to develop conducive business environments, regulatory frameworks, good governance for SME’s.